About Us

Mission Statement

The Serbian Baseball Development Association (SBDA) has set three points of focus: to develop, to progress and to teach the game of baseball in the country of Serbia. We at the SBDA focus our attention on providing the resources necessary in order to develop young athletes into better baseball players. The SBDA teaches the game of baseball which includes teamwork, communication and helps create a sense of individual responsibility striving for a common goal which will be beneficial for their everyday lives. As a result of executing these goals the game of baseball, in Serbia, consequently will progress.

Vision Statement

Our vision at the SBDA is to create an environment in which the game of baseball can be taught and played. The SBDA hopes to become a reliable source of assistance to the existing baseball league, Bejzbol Savez Srbije (Baseball Association of Serbia), to continually progress the game of baseball year in and year out in Serbia.