30 New Youth Players in Belgrade

Posted on 20 April, 2009 by Mike Torosian

Last Sunday Baseball Club Beograd ’96 held a tournament for their youth which boasts close to 30 new kids. The amount of kids that were present for the small round-robin styled tournament was sufficient enough to outfit three separate teams to compete with each other. These tournament styled gatherings seem to be the theme for youth baseball in Serbia for the time being. The organizer of the tournament, and our SBDA associate, Nikola Vucevic seemed happy with the turnout. Nikola also said that he has been in contact with Pony League and they will operate a chapter here in Serbia in 2010. Most likely Vucevic will continue to stay focused on youth programs and progression in the years to come and in turn, this will give Baseball Savez Srbije a chance to restructure and reformat and hopefully establish these changes in 2010. Slowly but surely things are progressing here in Serbia but we will need a good group of supporters to help us in this endeavor.

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