Donations Needed for Winter Months

Posted on 2 November, 2011 by kcorona

With the arrival of fall marking a time when many Americans trade in their batting helmets for helmets with facemasks and the second most popular sport in America becomes the national pastime until spring training starts, youth in Serbia are continuing to practice baseball at any chance they get. Serbia has an annual winter indoor tournament that attracts teams from many surrounding countries to come and compete in the city of Novi Sad. Although this is something that the kids have to look forward to all winter the fact still remains that they are preparing with virtually no equipment in some areas. Youth teams have to practice indoors in winter which reduces the amount of practices because of the cost of practicing in a gym or sports “bubble”.

Fall and winter months are just as important to have proper equipment since the love of baseball doesn’t subside for the winter in these kids’ hearts. A major need of gloves, baseballs, and bats is at a more desperate stage now that baseball is becoming more popular and new kids are trying the sport. Used equipment that you may have in your garage or equipment that will be replaced this Christmas is ideal for these kids. Many of the children that have played baseball since the beginning of the SBDA in 2008 have been using the same $20 baseball gloves and the SAME baseballs that were donated over 3 years ago. This equipment is in need of replacement and in addition, there are literally hundreds of new youth baseball players in Serbia since 2008.

If donating used equipment is not an option, we do accept donations of new equipment as well. Purchasing a new glove or a dozen baseballs or a bat to donate is another way to help out. Donating funds is always an option and actually ideal for the SBDA since we get special discounts on purchasing gear through certain baseball manufacturers due to our 501(c)(3) status. By helping out these children you are helping provide opportunities for kids whose families live near or below the poverty level and would not normally have opportunities such as these. Your donations are tax-deductible so the more you donate, the more you can deduct in April. Donating funds is easy, just click on the “Make a Donation” button on the right side of this page or click on the “Donate” link on the top of this page to find out where to send equipment donations.

Let’s spread this word to attract donors and help spread the game of baseball to those less fortunate! Thank you for all your support thus far!

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