Trophy of Vojvodina

Posted on 6 June, 2014 by kcorona

A PONY tournament was held in Novi Sad on Saturday hosted by Bejzbol Savez Vojvodine. The tournament featured a mid-day adult league game for entertainment between BK Vojvodina and BK Sisak from Croatia. The PONY teams in Serbia (Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Ripanj) were all present and played hard for during the 8-hour tournament. Most impressive from the tournament were the Wildcats from Ripanj who, for the first time, played with overhand pitching. Wildcat pitcher, Andrea Miletić, had extremely good control for pitching for the first time ever, and she complemented that control with decent speed. The Wildcats won 1 game behind the pitching of Katarina Mančić and clutch hitting of her sister Tina, finishing third while Novi Sad won the tournament behind the strong pitching and offense of Bojan Ninić, a veteran in terms of Serbian baseball. Belgrade pitcher, Lazar Radonjić, also threw well although Novi Sad was just too strong. There is a healthy rivalry growing between these two clubs as they are frequently facing each other in the championship games and wins go back and forth. 


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