What happened in 2012?

Posted on 3 October, 2012 by kcorona

2012 was a dormant year for hands-on activities with the SBDA. With the continued economic crisis funding has been low, SBDA administrators were needed stateside, and the general outlook was bleak as though there would be no recovery…

Discouraged be not! The SBDA had a great year in 2011 thanks to the support of many Serbian-Americans, Serbian-Germans, Serbian-Canadians, and a notable non-Serbian group of supporters. As you can imagine, the donations collected here in the U.S. are not able to just appear in Serbia for the immediate use of the benefitting children, the donations aren’t able to just be picked up and delivered for free by UPS or another shipping entity. Many of the donations sent in over the span of 2011 were recorded, packaged, promised to specific teams in Serbia, but there were no funds to send the equipment.

Two different groups came to the rescue to solve this issue. First, as reported earlier, Melanie Sever of the Chicago based Lifeline Humanitarian Organization allowed us to piggyback on their shipment of medical equipment to orphanages in Serbia, at no cost. The second group to help with shipping has been the International Relief & Development (IRD). While sending other items to Serbia, baseball donations have been directed to them of which the SBDA had a lot to send. Many more uniforms, gloves, and baseballs were sent to Serbia thanks to the IRD.

As a small association we do not have the means to send donations on our own timing but the help that this larger organizations have provided us with has just been amazing. It is quite funny that the times they have sent their donations to Serbia have really corresponded with the SBDA having a peak amount of equipment at the time to send as well.


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