Youth Teams Prepare for European Tournaments in Kladovo

Posted on 28 June, 2013 by kcorona

Through a generous grant from the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade 33 youth baseball players from various cities in Serbia are gathered this week in Kladovo, Serbia to prepare for upcoming summer tournaments held around Europe. For some of the players this is their second or even third time attending this camp, for others it is their first. The camp is used to bring together players from all over the country to introduce them to a higher level of baseball as well as provide them with practice using the English language and working together in a heavily guided environment.

The children who are attending this camp have been involved with Baseball Savez Srbije’s school baseball league, PONY League of Serbia, and/or Little League of Serbia. Immediately following the baseball camp will be a tournament held in the Udine region of Italy for three age groups, the oldest being under 14.

The camp instructors are from various sources; with Baseball Savez Srbije is Nikola Vučević and Ciki Zonić, MLB International has sent Bill Percy, and the SBDA has one of it’s own representatives present in Keith Corona. The children are undergoing various baseball drills, which cover all facets of the game as well as well as “inter-squading” in order to gain more game experience.

Another important part of this preparation period is the arrival of a Canadian-Serbian youth player who is joining the teams. It is one of our goals to link together Serbians all over the world with our baseball programs and to further advance the development of the sport within Serbia.

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