2011 Qualifier Tournament

Posted on 17 February, 2011 by Mike Torosian

The Confederation of European Baseball will hold the 2011 Qualifier tournament for the European Championship for the age group of Cadets (16 years old and younger) in Belgrade this summer. The tournament is set to begin on the 18th of July and conclude on the 23rd. Representative teams from Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland will compete in the six day youth tournament on the baseball field located at Ada Ciganlija. The winner of the tournament will qualify to compete for the European Championship in 2012. The SBDA will play a vital role in the execution of this tournament, working hard alongside representatives from Bejzbol Savez Srbije (Baseball Association of Serbia) as well as PONY League of Serbia. The SBDA hopes to find a major sponsor for this tournament since it will be the first international youth baseball tournament held in Serbia. This will be the first time the Serbian youth representative team will be able to compete in front of a home crowd. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Monday July 18th

9:30 Slovakia vs. Switzerland
1:00 Croatia vs. Ukraine
4:30 Serbia vs. Slovenia

Tuesday July 19th

9:30 Slovenia vs. Croatia
1:00 Ukraine vs. Slovakia
4:30 Switzerland vs. Serbia

Wednesday July 20th

9:30 Slovakia vs. Croatia
1:00 Slovenia vs. Switzerland
4:30 Ukraine vs. Serbia

Thursday July 21st

9:30 Ukraine vs. Slovenia
1:00 Croatia vs. Switzerland
4:30 Slovakia vs. Serbia

Friday July 22nd

9:30 Switzerland vs. Ukraine
1:00 Slovenia vs. Slovakia
4:30 Serbia vs. Croatia

Saturday July 23rd
12:00 #1 vs. #2
3:30 #2 vs. #1 (if necessary)

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