How to Help

There are many ways to help the SBDA, here are just a few:

Donate funds. This is probably the most obvious way to help out. We can accomplish so many things when we are properly funded. There is a large to-do list which features some very costly projects, like building baseball facilities,  as well as one that are not so costly, such as supplying youth teams with baseballs.

Donate equipment. One step below donating funds would be donating baseball equipment. When we receive donated equipment, used* or new, we are able to outfit new youth teams in different regions or properly outfit existing teams. We can never have enough equipment as children who are being introduced to the game or presentations we make to spread the sport throughout Serbia always require it.

Volunteer time. There are various ways to volunteer with the SBDA. If you have the means, knowledge, and time you are always welcome to help out hands on in Serbia. We have had donors in the past who are on a family vacation stop by the field and help out with a tournament or a practice, it is always nice for this interaction to happen for both the players and the volunteer. Of all ways to help, this is probably the most beneficial and most gratifying for both parties.

Volunteer services. Another way to volunteer is to volunteer your professional services. Some people reading this may be thinking, “I’m an accountant, what can I do?” Well, the SBDA, being a non-profit organization, is always in need of assistance on the back and front end. There are so many ways to volunteer services that you just need to consider if your profession in anyway could benefit the SBDA.

Spread the word. The simplest of all the ways to help the SBDA. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, see how many people you can get to donate to our cause. If each person you told about the SBDA was to donate $1 we would be able to reach our yearly goals without a doubt.